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Quarter Turn Fasteners

Quarter-turn fasteners are those that are used with panels and components that have to be opened rapidly and easily for preservation or substitution. Since there are many options available for the head of the fastener, a quarter turn fastener provides protection from vandalism or theft. The main component of the Quarter Turn Fastener is the stud that is fixed in a clip. These fasteners are called quarter-turn fasteners, because of their rapid way of opening. This makes it easy to reach the location of technical trouble.

A Quarter Turn Fastener consists of a stud, fastened with a clip of choice, a removable panel and a carbon steel clip, permanently fastened to a frame that can be opened by turning the stud one quarter. This makes the stud jump out of the clip. For places where it is impossible to make a quarter-turn, there is a push pull stud available.

Quarter Turn Fasteners are usually used in inspection hatches, panels, switchboards in car manufacturing, aircraft industry, shipbuilding, railways and in common electrical and technical applications. Studs are available in a variety of heads (slotted head, socket recess head), and in three different diameters according to the application. Quarter turn fasteners are also used for mounting a circuit board elevated on a chassis or for mounting an access panel to the equipment. Usually, the fastener is cast in order to from plastic material that has dielectric insulating properties, so that a short-circuit in the chassis is not transmitted to the panel.

Quarter Turn Fasteners are available in a wide range of styles and dimensions. Quarter Turn Studs employ receptacles and operate in about 90° rotation. They apply the proper clamping force and provide a detent in locked position that resists accidental opening. Quarter-turns provide convenient and reliable fastening where material thickness is constant. Plastic Quarter Turn Fasteners give secure access fastening of lightly loaded panels. Molded studs allow modern head styling and attractive finishes. These fasteners provide the user with a fast and convenient method of locking, unlocking, or opening any device or instrument.

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