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Five Ways Plastic Surgery Can Make You Happier

Plastic surgery procedures can remove aesthetic defects, emphasize your natural beauty, and rejuvenate your appearance. The goal of your area plastic surgeon should be to enhance both your physical and psychological well-being. This is why leading surgeons typically conduct several presurgical consultations to evaluate your aesthetic needs and desires and to recommend the most appropriate procedures. When performed by a talented surgeon, the right plastic surgery procedure can make you a happier person by delivering the following benefits.

1. Enhanced Self-Confidence. Plastic surgery procedures can help boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. This is particularly true if you decide to undergo a procedure you have been considering for a long time, such as breast augmentation for female patients or male breast reduction for male patients. Many women report that they finally feel like “real women” after breast augmentation. Similarly, many men report that they finally feel confident on the beach and at the gym after their male breast reduction treatment.

2. Rejuvenated Appearance. Both facial and body procedures can create a more youthful, refreshed look. For instance, facelift and eyelid surgery procedures are often used to re-energize a face that appears perpetually tired. While the eyelid surgery cost and facelift cost sometimes lead people to postpone these procedures, following surgery most patients admit that the results are well worth the expense. In fact, many wish they’d received these procedures sooner.

3. More Proportionate Facial Profile. In addition to helping patients achieve their facial rejuvenation goals, cosmetic surgery procedures for the face can also correct aesthetic flaws that take away from facial harmony. Two treatments that are especially successful in this regard are nose surgery (rhinoplasty) and ear surgery (otoplasty). During nose surgery, the surgeon often makes very small adjustments to the nasal shape. However, even slight changes in the nasal profile can dramatically improve the balance among the various facial features. Similarly, ear surgery can completely change the appearance of the face and head by correcting protruding ears.

4. Completion of a Weight Loss Transformation. Plastic surgery procedures often help individuals who have lost a large amount of weight complete their weight loss journey. After losing a massive amount of weight, many people notice excess skin on their arms, thighs and abdomens. The excess tissue can be removed via post-bariatric plastic surgery procedures such as arm lift, tummy tuck, panniculectomy and thigh lift. The result is a slender, beautifully contoured physique.

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