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Duck Hunting Boat Mud Engines

Duck Boat mud outboard engines employ a unique design. they can force a hunting boat fully packed through very shallow waters and wetlands that would otherwise ruin a regular outboard boat motor. Duck hunting mud motors can drive through 99% of the toughest area’s that any bog can put in your way. Shallow water, intense vegetation and so forth are no match for a duck boat when a mud engine’s behind you. I’ve heard that duck hunters have a new name for the mud engine “the 4wheel ‘er of outboards. Of course, this suits their performance. In any event, no traditional outboard engine can compare to the mud motor’s durability when dealing with the worst of the hunting wetlands.

Practical knowledge of the Outboard Mud Motor
The mud motor is surprisingly simple. In contrast to traditional outboard motors created by large names such as Honda, Yamaha and so forth. Much of a mud outboard motor’s parts are totally exposed letting you observe how basic they truly are. Duck boat mud outboard motors are comprised of an air cooled engine such as the horizontal Briggs & Stratton 36hp V-twin cylinder Vanguard powerplant (Mud Buddy) linked with a belt-driven outdrive unit with a manually operated steel faced clutch for neutral use. Pro-Drive alternatively uses either the vertical shaft 36 horse-power Briggs & Stratton Vangaurd and the vertical 27 horse-power V-twin Kohler Courage powerplant which is linked to the out drive shaft using a clutch system, but instead of a belt, they used a simple pair of right-angle helicoil gears to transfer the engine torque to the propeller.

What sets mud motors apart from other outboards are their ability to run above the water. This allows the mud engine a massive edge over traditional outboard engines where the prop is required to be totally underwater in order to keep from cavitating (sucking air). This limits the low water depth to no less than 3 feet otherwise striking could occur. Mud motors on the other hand are built to perform either fully immersed or approximately one third above the water level allowing them to effectively run in as little as Six inches of water. Mud motors are definitely the next best thing to the air boat.

Most Mud motors have a a long wedge like rib that’s welded to the underside of the prop shaft housing. This rib is known as the skag and serves Two purposes. 1. for stiffening up the propeller housing and 2. to allow the out drive to slide up and over objects which may be struck during low level waters. This helps guard the prop from immersed objects and debris that may otherwise damage your prop and other parts resulting in you being stranded.


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